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DigiTrace GmbH – expertise in IT forensics

IT-forensic services for companies and public authorities

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DigiTrace is a German-based company and operates also in neighbouring European countries. We offer our services, including writtten expert opinions, also in English language.

However, so far this is our only English web page. For more information, please call us via phone (+49 (0)221-6778695-0), or send an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

IT forensics: Data traces from IT systems lead to offenders

IT forensics (also: computer forensics or digital forensics) can aid you towards this goal. This field deals with the collection and analysis of digital data traces arising in IT systems to be used as evidence that holds in court. IT-forensic specialists reconstruct events and facts based on such data traces, throw light on them and explain comprehensibly, what happened most likely.

When using IT systems, inevitably data traces are created, e.g. on storage media like hard disks or in the main memory of IT devices. Because offenders often use IT systems or zero on such IT systems, IT-forensic experts can convict persons of wrongdoing by analyzing such data traces from IT systems.

Often there persist good chances to reconstruct data at least partially. Even allegedly clever offenders occasionally slip up and overlook a detail due to the number, diversity and complexity of the IT systems and the enormous data amounts.

Our offer: Outsourcing of IT-forensic services

DigiTrace GmbH is highly specialized in IT forensics and offers in this field comprehensive services. We help you to professionally collect and analyze data traces, and to assess them with deep expert knowledge. Access skilled external professionals!

You are not sure if you should consider this option and how to best proceed? Just call without any obligation. Our immediate advice is free of charge.

IT-forensic solutions

Our services comprise the whole life cycle of IT-forensic data and projects. This contains:

  • Backup, preparation, provisioning, interpretation and
    enlightenment of digital traces from IT systems,
  • Generating reports and statements by an IT-forensic expert
  • Consulting and implementation
  • Training and development of forensic software tools

Our IT-forensic components include:

  • Prevention and compliance
  • Forensic special investigations of IT systems
  • Consulting and project support
  • Preservation of evidence (offline and live systems) and evidence management
  • Data processing and quality management
  • Provisioning of processed data for further investigation (e-Discovery)
  • IT-forensic analysis and interpretation
  • Presentation and report generation by an IT-forensic expert

What does DigiTrace signify?

The name DigiTrace stands for detecting, interpreting and clarifying digital data traces from manifold IT systems. We are IT-forensic specialists and experts with academic IT qualification and draw from our long-standing relevant work experience. Our ambition is highest quality and trustworthiness.

Why you should choose us

  • Outsourcing your work to our experts
  • Personal trust
  • Unbiased judgment through neutrality and independence
  • Your project in good hands: Reliable results and the certitude that from an IT-forensic viewpoint best effort has been made and nothing has been overlooked. We perseveringly keep to it.
  • Same contact person over the whole project
  • Focussed on small medium businesses (SMB)
  • Comprehensive interpretation of complex data traces. In-house tuning and development of IT-forensic software tools
  • Support for bigger projects through a network of IT-forensic experts
  • We have combined experience in the fields of IT forensics and IT security. Thus we can better foresee how attackers operate, including how they cover their tracks to confuse IT-forensic experts.

Personal profile of the founders

Alexander Sigel

Alexander Sigel has 25 years of professional experience in IT, in information and knowledge systems and search solutions, in which he worked for 8 years full time as an IT forensic specialist. In this role and as a seasoned consultant for IT forensics he leads numerous projects and forensic special investigations at DigiTrace. He acquires data in an IT-forensically sound way, processes it and analyzes data traces. He also provides expert opinions and develops IT forensic tools. He is mainly focussed on the elucidation of business or white collar crime, or of non-compliant behavior, on eDiscovery, forensics in insolvency cases, and the analysis of Windows systems and application artefacts. Before DigiTrace, he has been working for several years as an IT forensic professional at a big4 accounting and consulting company.

Alexander Sigel supports you in a preventive or reactive role concerning your IT-systems. He can obviate, analyse and elucidate:
  • fraudulent behaviour and business crime
  • non-compliant actions
  • IT and information security incidents.

He can reconstruct, evaluate and comprehensibly describe events and facts based on data traces in IT-systems of all kinds.

Martin Wundram

Martin Wundram has more than ten years of experience in the development and implementation of secure Web applications and Internet service providing with a focus on security. Since 2005 he is working as an expert in IT security and computer forensics for courts, prosecutors, police authorities, businesses and individuals and also provides training in these fields. He is regularly invited to hold lectures, sometimes with an international audience, and publishes professional articles as a freelance writer for the German IT magazine iX and the hacking magazine hakin9.

Main areas of expertise in IT-security:

  • Security concepts/ISO 27001
  • Web security/Penetration tests

Main areas of expertise in IT-forensics:

  • Web applications / Internet techniques
  • Interpretation of mass data / databases
  • Cryptology

Our publications

We regularly publish professional articles in magazines like iX – Magazin für professionelle Informationstechnik and hakin9 – Hard Core IT-security magazine. Current publications include e.g. IT forensic readiness, IT forensics of Windows 8 and IPv6, web security, leakage of confidential data and anti-forensics. On this topic we also publish on our own research.